What is your favorite ice cream?

- Strawberry mmmm...

Do you have kids?

- I have 1 beautiful daughter

Mountain hideaway or Beach house?

- Mountains fo sho!

What is your comfort food?

- Pho! I need it at least once a week.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

- A microbiologist or Disney artist.

What is your favorite music album?

- I can listen to Silent Alarm by Bloc Party on repeat for days and weeks and months.

​Android or iPhone?

- iPhone FTW

Get 2 Know Me:

Adventurer. Dreamer. Gardener. Wine Drinker. Extrovert.

I'm an outgoing hopeless romantic designing rad goods in my Edmonton studio. I am passionate about ethically sourced materials and creating goods that are simple, functional and unique. 

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